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Long Island
If you're looking for an island getaway fit for an adventurous soul…then Long Island Bahamas is where you will find it.
Nestled at longitude -75.0939 and latitude: 23.1789, this island gem was herald as "Fernandina" by Christopher Columbus back in 1492 when he discovered it. And the name suits the island, because like the meaning of it's name; Long Island is "Adventurous and a Bold Journey."

The island was originally settled by the Arawak Indians and was named Yuma; which means Son of the Chief. Measuring over 80 miles in length the island later became known as Long Island and today it's inhabitants number almost 4,000 settling throughout the length and breath of the island.

One of the many fascinating features of the island is its terrain; with powdery sand and turquoise waters on one side and rocky jagged cliffs with crashing navy waves on the other. The contrast of the sea is so extraordinary on the island that it has been sought by some of the world's best to explore in diving expeditions. In fact the world's third deepest natural blue hole resides on Long Island and was used by record holder William Trubridge of New Zealand  to dive an astonishing  328 feet on a single breath and with no weights and fins.

Another vivid expression of the island's uniqueness is the natural cave systems; many of which were used as dwelling homes for the Arawak Indians. Today a visitor can be taken back in time to explore the natural habitats particularly in the Hamilton's Caves which is done by seasoned guide; Mr. Leonard Cartwright. 

The island is mainly known for fishing and farming and today many of the old plantations can still be seen that speak of the days of yore when English settlers inhabited the island raising cotton and farming all sorts of vegetation for consumption.

With the tropic of cancer running through the northern part of the island; the weather  is mostly sunny; perfect for beachcombers and divers.  Perhaps you're a shell enthusiast; then stroll along the sandy pink and white shores to collect some of the most beautiful shells the eyes have ever seen; you might even find a sand dollar or perhaps you’re a bit more adventurous and would like to go kayaking or sailing or even diving off the Dean's Blue Hole and if you're a dare devil then Swimming with the sharks is definitely up your alley.  But if you're a boat enthusiast then mooring at the capital's Clarence Town dock is a must.
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Long Island
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