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Fun Filled Ways to fill your days in Long Island

1. Cave Exploration:
One of the largest cave systems resides in Long Island; known as the Hamilton's Caves. This cave system can be explored by the local tour guide; Mr. Leonard Cartwright. Other caves are;
     (a) Dunmore's Caves, this has 2 tunnels. One tunnel leads to the
          ocean and had never been fully explored. You can view 2 old
          Indian drawings on the wall. It was once lived in by Indiand
          and later used by buccaneers as an occasional hideaway.
    (b) Deadman's Cay Cave: look for the native drawings on the 
         cavern wall.
    (c) This is the site of the Cartwright Duho Cave where 3 Lucayan
         duhos (ceremonial Stools) were found by Carlton Cartwright in

2. Library & Museum:
Explore the culture and history of Long Island.
Tel/fax = 242-337-0500 Museum hours M-F 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-1pm, Sun Closed.

3. Dean's Blue Hole
“An amazing natural wonder” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed September 28, 2011

Dean's Blue Hole is a must-see when in Long Island. Just feet away from the shore the bottom falls away, from crystal clear water a few inches deep to seemingly bottomless (over 600 feet deep) deep blue. It's breathtaking and mysterious. The rest of the beach is great for swimming too. It's sheltered and calm, warm water. The water near the actual Blue Hole is very cool.
(Trip advisor- visitor from Florida)

4. Shark Reef Diving
Shark Reef supplies weekly excitement as divers have the opportunity to examine some 8 to 18 Caribbean reef sharks in their natural setting. The excitement does not stop there; as divers can also take you to the Conception Island Wall, undeniably one of the most pristine diving experiences in any waters. Also dive the Blue Hole, surrounded by land and recorded as the worlds deepest.

5. Bonefishing
You can go bonefishing on the immense bonefish flats on the South end of the island. Ask your hotel or guest house host about a guide.

6. Long Island Regatta
The regatta is held annually on the Bahamas Labor Day weekend, which is usually the first weekend in June. Those in attendance come from all over the Bahamas and all over the world! There is live music, native cooking, kid’s games, and more for the entire family to enjoy! We had a fabulous time at the last regatta we attended and we look forward to doing it again.

7. Island Tours
Take a guided tour to visit the many historical aspects of Long Island; such as Plantation Ruins, Churches and much more.

8. Deep Sea Fishing
Enquire with your hotel attendant about local fishermen who can take you on an exciting deep sea fishing expedition.

9. Fine dining; a taste of native pleasure

10. Rest and Relaxation like you've never experienced before!